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Nurturing start-ups into sustainable scale ups

Business is all about customers. Finding new customers and keeping current customers happy. Whether you call it marketing, sales, UX, branding, growth or anything in between, let’s cut through all that noise and create one clear, customer-focused growth strategy.




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I’m Christina. My mission is to make start-up innovation flourish by providing other entrepreneurs with practical training and mentoring support. I’ve had the pleasure of helping hundreds of founders and business-owners with start-up marketing and have co-founded two technology start-ups myself so I knows first-hand what it is like to launch and grow a new business to exit.

Marketing & growth strategy co-creation

Let’s create the strategy & action plan to launch or grow your brand in a day. These dynamic, hands-on strategy days are designed bespoke to your brand. They’re action-focused and intensive but you will have the launch or growth marketing plan you need for your business crystal clear by the end. Plus, if you need a marketer to make the plan happen, we've got the network to help.

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Coaching & mentoring in start-ups

Navigating the journey of entrepreneurship can be a rollercoaster for founders and those in the team. Often the best way to work through the overwhelming to-do-list or crack a challenge is by exploring it in a coaching conversation or gathering advice from an experienced entrepreneur.

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Board-level marketing advisory

Having clear-cut no-nonsense advice from those who've been there before can be invaluable to keeping a start-up on track and on plan. The focus here is on having the experienced, strategic direction and hands-on support right when you need it with a on-demand CMO or board-level marketing adviser.

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Entrepreneurship training and teaching

Can you learn to be an entrepreneur? Yes. Yes, you can. Starting & scaling a business is a continuous and steep learning curve so investing in knowledge along the way accelerates success. The focus is on practical learning, with your peers, in our marketing & new venture creation courses.

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The truth is, everyone feels at sea with marketing sometimes. You are not alone! When it comes to finding new customers and keeping existing ones happy it’s all about having a solid strategy (not about being an ‘expert’ in Facebook, in PR, or the latest marketing fad).


So schedule a 10 minute call (it’s on us) to talk through your business challenge and we guarantee that at the very least you’ll finish with some actionable advice to help your start-up.

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